Send me an object that is valuable to you, or matters to you in some way, and I'll vandalize it and return it to you. I'll also make a GIF of the vandalized object which will go in the filmstrip to the right. I plan to do this for twenty objects.

If you want me to do this to an object of yours, email me proof of at least a $10 donation to the Southern Poverty Law Center or the National Police Accountability Project. (Please redact any credit card info or other sensitive info. I won't quibble over what constitutes proof. I'd love to keep the logistics as simple as possible.)

This is a poetry endeavor, so the vandalism will take a verbal form. Your object will be worse off. The aim is aesthetic: disappointment replaces beauty's bullseye. As you aim (you are participating!) you can do a bow or a curtsy if you want. It might help you feel better, but it might throw off your aim. Everything I do (described above) I aim to do not with a bow and not with a curtsy.