This poem began on the day after Thanksgiving, 2007.
One quatrain is added daily, for as long as possible.
It's okay if I skip a day or two (or more), I can catch up.
I will not revise any words or quatrains once they're added.
Quatrains are added at the top, to keep myself interested.
Whatever I add may be copied, modified, and redistributed
by anyone, as long as these same conditions apply
to any copied or modified version.

If I'm no longer able to add quatrains,
I would ask that whoever is interested
generate a number of quatrains
equal to that of the extant text
using a Markov chain generator
with an order of 2 if the units are words
and 4 if the units are letters
(or with whatever settings seem appropriate),
and using the extant text of Copyleft
as its source material.
The text thus generated
may be divided into quatrains
according to whatever principle.
I would ask that any realization of this "other half"
of the text not be thought of or placed
in a spatial relation to the half I wrote
(i.e., not above, not below, not alongside, etc).